Terms & Conditions

Please keep as close as possible to the agreed arrival/departure appointments.
We are open 7 days a week – 8.00am – 11.00am / 3.00pm – 5.00pm (subject to seasonal change)
The cattery will be closed to customers at all other times.

Please use car parking area provided and do not block the lane. Customers use the car park at their own risk.

Please use a secure carrier to transport your cat to and from the cattery, and ask if you require assistance.

Your cat should be treated with an effective flea treatment prior to boarding. Flea collars are not considered sufficient protection and the use of all collars is discouraged due to risk of injury. If flea infestation is evident we will treat your cat and charge you accordingly.

Please bring current vaccination records with you each time your cat boards with us – the terms of our licence prohibit boarding without this.

We provide a variety of popular brands of cat food but if you prefer to bring your own, there will be no reduction in the boarding fee. All prescription food must be provided by you.

If your cat is on medication, please bring this in either the original packaging or a clearly marked container.
It is your responsibility to ensure enough medication is provided (allowing for unforeseen delays).
A discretionary charge will be made for the administering of medication.

Payment for boarding includes the day of arrival plus the day of departure, not the number of nights. Unused days must be paid for as booked.
Payment is by cash or cheque only payable to T. J. Woodgate.

Upon arrival, we reserve the right to refuse boarding if your cat seems unwell or for any reason appears to be unfit for boarding.

Should your cat require veterinary attention whilst in our care, we will arrange for treatment either with your own vet or at the nearest available surgery. All veterinary fees must be paid for by you.
A minimum charge of £20 will be made to cover time and transport costs.

Please provide an emergency contact number. However, in the event of not being able to contact you or your designated contact, we will make arrangements/decisions that we consider necessary for the welfare of your cat.

Whilst every care is taken, any property (such as blankets, toys, scratch posts) brought into the cattery is done so at your own risk. Any unclaimed items will be disposed of after 14 days from departure.

If you do not collect your cat within 7 days of the agreed collection date and fail to make contact with us, we reserve the right to take appropriate action.

If cats from the same household are sharing accommodation, we reserve the right to separate them if we feel there is a safety issue and a charge for the additional accommodation will be made.

Whilst every care and precaution is taken, your cat is boarded here at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or death that may occur during boarding.

Privacy notice

In accordance with our licence, we are required to keep customer contact details on file. These details will only be used in connection with your booking or the welfare of your cat.

Licence details

Licence holder: Mrs T. J. Woodgate

Licence number: 17/00616/ANBOAR